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    I only have 2-3 mags for most of my pistols. So they are always with the gun they fit.
    ...same goes for my rifles

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    Quote Originally Posted by zhurdan View Post
    The only reason I mark mags are for potential destruction after further testing. If they start to fail, they get painted, tested later, discarded if they continue to fail.
    I do the same thing. I only have 1 handgun in each caliber so no way to mix them up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bruce333 View Post
    I do the same thing. I only have 1 handgun in each caliber so no way to mix them up.
    With my current favorite, S&W M&P's, all the mags look alike. The 9 & 40's will slip right in the wrong gun. .45's are a bit larger but look alike.

    My Grandson grabbed a 9MM mag off the tailgate one day and slipped it into my .40. When he fired it sounded like a very light load but the bullet travelled a number of feet and the case, forward half, fire formed to .40 diameter. Given the fact we have a large number of each ID marks are well worth the effort.

    And Todd, we only use a little bit of glitter but never with mauve polish.

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    The problem I have is the guns and mags are in the mid size gun vault and there isn't a lot of real estate inside.

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    Sonny Boy, is this yours? dang, quite impressive!

    Quote Originally Posted by Sonny Boy View Post
    Buy the trays at local hardware store and use a lable maker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jc27310 View Post
    Sonny Boy, is this yours? dang, quite impressive!
    The magazine storage was driving me crazy and I came up with the idea on day while at Lowes. Saw the tray, got my Brother label makers and there it is.

    I only took pictures of 1/2 of the magazines in this safe, for illustration purposes. Thanks for the kind words.

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