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    new to shooting...are there any "lefty" autos?

    hey, i am as new to this as i can be, i havnt even gone to any shops to look at anything yet, becaue there is one question i want answered before i go, so i dont make a fool of myself
    i am a lefty, and although i dont know much yet, i am interested in getting a larger model glock for plinking. now here is my question. is there anything about glocks that make it awkward for a lefty to use? how about some other popular autos? are they all ambidextrous, or are they generally made for right handed use? thanks for any info, i appreciate it, this is kind of an embarresing question

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    The Walther P99 has mag release levers on both sides. If you get in the habit of pulling back the slide with the opposite hand in order to chamber from the open/locked postion, you will essentially have an ambidextrous pistol.

    The H&K P7PSP has the mag release in the heel. The slide can be released just by squeezing the grip, so it is truely ambidextrous. I think the P7M8 version has bilateral mag release levers behind the trigger guard.

    You can change the direction of the mag release on a number of pistols, thereby making them lefty-friendly as long as you chamber a round from open/locked with the opposite (the right, in your case) hand. If however you want to use a right-sided slide release lever, then the only one that comes immediately to mind is the CZ 85 Combat (there might be some H&K's with right side levers). It has safety and slide release levers on both sides. However, I don't think you can change the mag release button to the right side.

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    Hi, welcome to this forum - I think you'll like it.

    I'm a lefty too.

    My Kimber has a safety on both sides - but so do several other auto's

    As to the mag release and the slide release, I've just gotten used to operating with them where they are.

    I didn't shoot auto's for years until ambi safety's came in.

    Now I really enjoy them.

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    I personally don't like Glocks because they feel too fat in my hand, but if you're looking for a Glock-style pistol, do yourself a favor and look into the Smith and Wesson M&P's. I'm a lefty too and the M&P 9 was my first handgun. It is truly ambidextrous with the slide release on both sides and a mag release button that is extremely easy to switch.

    And if you want to spend a bit more money, the guy at my shop is always trying to push the H&K P2000 on me, when he sees that I am a lefy. It has an ambidextrous slide release and a decocker on the back of the slide.

    Other than that, make sure you get out there and handle as many pistols as you can and see how easy or awkward it is for you to operate all the controls. There are several "righty-biased" pistols that I am able to operate the slide relase easily with my trigger finger. Good luck and don't be shy about posting questions. There are a lot of helpful guys here that helped me when I first started.

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    The left side ejection of the Walther P5 might be a welcome feature for a lefty.

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    Ruger (P Series), Taurus/Beretta (92), Sig P250, Some 1911's. There are alot more out there, these just come to mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MLB View Post
    The left side ejection of the Walther P5 might be a welcome feature for a lefty.
    Good suggestion. The full-sized P5 has the mag release lever at the heel, which also lends itself to lefty use. Be aware though that the compact version has the mag release button behind the trigger guard.

    Used P5's can often be found on the gunbroker site.......

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    I'm a lefty also. My opinion is, you will be fine with anything that doesn't have a manual safety that is non ambi. Depending on how large your hands are, some of the sub compacts could be a little tricky. I have larger hands myself and it isn't an issue. But I could see where it could potentially be a problem for someone else whose digits movements are limited.

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