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Thread: phoenix .25?

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    phoenix .25?

    I just got a phoenix arm's .25 tonight in a trade. Has anyone had any experience with this gun or company? Are they reliable at all? Can you buy any accessories for it? Thanks

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    If no one has messed with it (modifications), if it is clean and lubricated, and if you feed if round-nose full metal jacketed ammunition only, it will probably work. If it is the one I am thinking of, it is very similar to the old Raven .25 pistol; I think Phoenix Arms bought-out the Raven Arms company after a fire or something, IIRC.

    Some accessories available here:
    (Note: I do not endorse this company; just found them in a search)
    "Placement is power" -- seen in an article by Stephen A. Camp
    (RIP, Mr. Camp; you will be remembered, and missed)

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    i think dj is right , i had a raven once and it looked just like phoenix 25, and mine shot well with fmj, not alot of accessories that i know of ,but damn 25 ammo aint cheap

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    Then get the Phoenix 22A.

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    Don't know much about Phoenix firearms, but as far as the cheapies go, I love my Hi Points. They are homely guns, but run great.

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    i think phoenix, raven and jennings were all made my members of the same family. i had 4 ravens and one phoenix arms 25 cal that were at least twenty years old. they were all nickel or chrome and looked very pretty which is probably the best thing i can say about them. they didn't feed well and only one was halfway accurate. imo they are not a trustworthy gun, but they are pretty. maybe the newer ones are different. i think phoenix is still in business in either calif or canada but not sure.

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    Phoenix is actually a rather well made fire arm - NOW, especially their .22 model, the HP22A. Granted their rep from even 5 years ago wasn't stellar. They've turned their quality around, have great customer service, and good luck trying to buy one of their .22s. Do a search in You Tube for some video critiques.

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    ...But please don't try to protect yourself with a .25 ACP pistol.
    Even if you make good-quality hits, it is not a fight stopper.

    "How do you protect yourself, with a .25 ACP pistol?"
    "You cover it completely with Vaseline."
    "Because when you shoot somebody with it, it's gonna make him so mad at you that he's gonna shove it up your..."

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    ^^ Yeah, what he said.

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    i would much rather the PSA 25 which is the baby browning - they got the rights to manufacture this
    it was john browning's son that finished his dad's work
    i own one
    or the beretta 25acp

    it is better to have a gun on you than no gun at all

    i had a colt jr 25 acp once and aimed it at a rusty 55 gal barrel about 25 feet away, it was used to burn trash and i hit it a bit lower than level and the round nose bullet richoched and hit me in the shin - ouch - didn't break the skin or obviously penetrate the barrel

    and a 32 or 380 is basically the same size

    this is a caliber that should go the way of the dodo bird

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