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    I think that's enough...

    Bruce, Life Member: NRA, NCRPA, GRNC, GOA

    Naval Air Museum Barbers Point

    "I personally think we developed language because of our deep inner need to complain."--Jane Wagner
    "The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom."
    -Isaac Asimov

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    Quote Originally Posted by kev74 View Post
    ... Advocating the assassination of elected officials is ok though - as long as you're just kidding.

    And liberals are welcome here too.... as long as they know their place. Kind of like Mississippi or Alabama during the 50's.
    Speaking of liberals ......... Hheeeerre's Kev.

    You guys and your political correctness .

    So both of you geniuses (Highline & kev) think I'm advocating shooting liberals because of their political views and assassinating elected officials? What in God's name (emphasis added) is wrong with you people? (I hope I didn't offend anyone ...... say liberals mentioning God). So when did the asylum give you guys internet access?

    Here's a true story:
    Yesterday I attended a small town hall meeting with my US Senator, Tom Udall. Senator Udall is a Democrat who, for the most part, supports Obama and definitely supports Obamacare. In addition, there were also a few liberals scattered out in the small gathering. I have a CC permit, shook hands with the Senator and at least one liberal, and it never occurred to me to unholster my weapon.

    Sorry Bruce, but a response was called for. As painful as it may be for some, a bit of reality is sometimes called for.

    As far as what's fun to shoot at, I like iron. You can get metal spinners and targets at most major sporting good retailers or online at places such as Midway. You can also make your own or have some cut for you at welding shops. They are a one time investment in a lifetime of shooting fun.

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