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    how is your holster set up?

    i was wondering the best holster position and or proper muzzle cant for my holster in uspsa comp. I ended up dumping the cheapy paddle holster that came with my XDm and purchased a belt holster from blade tech that has adjustable height and muzzle cant. Right now i have it set up so the holster is as low on my hip as possible, a couple inches her forward than my 90 degree hip point

    with a muzzle cant of roughly 60 degrees

    i know some of this is preference and maybe depends on the gun you are using but when you look at people like Todd Jarret, Rob Leatham or Travis Tomassi they all have a regular straight up and down muzzle cant.

    just throw in your 10 cents if you fee like as to what you do ect.

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    I own a Four-in-One Holster made by Classic Old West Styles ( they make modern holsters too.

    This way you can try several positions, Straight up and down / FBI forward cant / Cross Draw / or flat accross the small of your back.

    Mine happens to be a thumb snap top, but they have open carry and others listed under "modern holsters".

    I hope this helps.

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