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    How often??

    How often do you guys remove and clean the firing pin/chanel?? I have one pistol where it needed it around 1000 rounds and one that has not had it done after the 4000 mark. From what I understand this is not done in a normal strip and clean.

    What are your suggestions??

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    I clean mine out once in a while, but not every time I clean the guns. I have found that using any kind of solvent(Hoppe's) or solvent/oil any where near the firing pin ,makes that area a magnet for gunk to collect. Lately I give it a blast of either brake cleaner or something similar then follow up with a blast of compressed air. It gets the gunk out without leaving behind any lube to attract more dirt and stays clean for longer.

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    I haven't fired that many rounds out of my gun yet. When I clean i don't break it down that far, but I imagine after 4000 rounds i will clean out the firing channel and pin just for the sake of it...

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