Charles Daly now importing the Jericho

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      Charles Daly now importing the Jericho

      so i found out that Magnum Research is no longer importing the Jericho/Baby Eagle pistol and that Charles Daly has taken up the cause. i was looking on the Charles Daly forum and they are going to be retaining the Jericho name, so no more baby eagle silliness and will be selling a new full size .45acp model in addition to the ones that were previously available. personally i think this is great as i love my full size 40 Jericho and i think that charles daly will do a much better job of marketing what is in my eyes a very underrated gun. apparently at least 1 batch has made it over so far hopefully with more to come.

      On another note they tried very hard to bring over the Tavor assault rifle as well but simply couldnt get it approved for import. i mean the canadians get it we dont? unbelievable

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      Thank you for posting this! I was looking at the Jericho ad in Combat Handguns magazine and thinking to myself "geez...that looks like a Desert Eagle." Wasn't aware that the Baby Eagle was actually an import.

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