I did it fellas..
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    I did it fellas..

    After looking at a Taurus pt945, a Ruger p90, and a Glock 21...I finally made the purchase of my new gun. And the winner is...A Springfield xd Tactical in .45 Auto. I fell in love with this gun from the moment I picked it up...it just seemed right for my hand. It pointed right, it felt right and it shoots flawlessly. It seems like a pretty solid gun and Im glad I purchased it. Its extremely light, compared to what Id imagined. I guess the polymer frames make a big difference huh? (This is my first polymer framed gun). The price was a little high, it was $799 but after talking to the guy I got it for 700 even, with 2 boxes of shells to boot. Of course it came with the XD gear system, two 13rd mags, loader, dual mag carrier and a holster. All in all Im very pleased. On a side note, I spotted the S&W 500 in the shop and (little evil grin) I had to look at it. MAN what a gun, I bet that thing weighs ten pounds, and I cant even begin to imagine the recoil!

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    Congrats on your purchase CSX, I hope you enjoy it for years to come. Now all you have to do is show us some pictures of your happy little fella

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    You had the same experience I did when I bought my XD 40. Felt good in my hand immediately. I decided I wanted a 9 and started looking at the XDm 9 bitone. Decided that was the one, and then my wife pipes up and says "I'm ready for a 9" Needless to say, I take her straight to my choice and what did my darling do? Chose our first Glock, a 19. Nice pistol also, but I'm still wantin' that XDm. I'm surprised at the weight difference between the Glock and the XD. Oh well. Enjoy!

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    Congrats on the purchase!

    Quote Originally Posted by falchunt View Post
    Now all you have to do is show us some pictures of your happy little fella

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