Looking to buy first semi auto.

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      Looking to buy first semi auto.

      Hey guys and gals, Im getting ready to buy my first semi auto and will be purchasing it for home/personal defense. Ive read the laws and all that so I know what im getting into. Im no stranger to guns, Ive owned several in the past. Rifles, shotguns, revolvers..but never a semi auto. The wife says I can spend around 600-700 dollars for whatever I want to buy. (Go ahead and laugh, but at least im man enough to admit it! LOL). I am looking for either a .40 S&W or a .45 ACP....so I was wondering if you guys could give me some suggestions on a good gun for this price range/purpose. It will primarily be CC and home defense use only, with hopefully the only time it being fired is at the range. I dont want a compact and I have big hands. Also which caliber would you recommend. I want an affordable gun with good quality. If you guys have any suggestions Id really appreciate it.

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      Narrow your choices

      I carry a Kahr 9mm,little bitty thing that barks with hot loads.The truck has S&W 40(15rds) snappy.The bedside has MP45 w/light, the kayak has a XD40 'cause its a tough li'l bugger. I've got an Israeli Jericho 9mm(my 1st gun) that I love to shoot and accuracy at distance is limited by ammo balistics only. My wife shoots a Sig 232 380 which is low-end power except it's snappy, but ... do not make her shoot you (remember the first Lethal Weapon when Mel Gibson's character shot a smiley face?Sheesh! 10 rds and 6 holes,dang!) It's too bad that they don't feel as good in my hand as my 1911. If you're Wheelie, I'd like your thoughts regarding Ruger'sLCR.

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      another suggestion would be a glock, and i would also suggest looking into compact guns as i feel a full size would be very difficult to conceal. also check out the sticky here: http://handgunforum.net/showthread.php?t=14198 that should help get you started atleast. your best bet is to get to a range that rents and your local gun store and hold and shoot as many as you can. that will be the most beneficial research.

      and in regards to your 'manliness' someone once told me, happy wife happy life!

      good luck on your search and welcome to the forum!

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      If you are sold on getting a 40 or 45, there are many good options. I just got the Beretta px4 in 9mm. I thought I wanted a 45, but the ammo is scarce, and I can't affortd to shoot in anyway. They offer that gun in 40, and 45 as well. The best thing you can do is try as many different guns as are available to you. Here are some links that might help you:

      Newbie to guns? Need help? Where to start?


      By the way, welcome to the world of semi auto, Good luck with your choosings and be safe

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      House Gun

      I see from your post that you are looking for a "house" gun. From what I've been led to believe, a full-sized auto is an excellent choice.
      My choice is a high cap 9 mm. I prefer a DA/SA with an exposed hammer. My choice is a Taurus PT 92 which has a 5 in bbl and a capacity of 17+1. Because it most likely would be needed in a darkened room, I mounted a laser on it's rail. This way, under stress, I can keep my attention on the percieved threat, and not the front sight. Where the red dot is, is where the hole goes.
      For me, it is too heavy (34 oz empty) and large for CCW, although I've read of people who carry one, or a Beretta 92 regularly.
      Good hunting. I'll be watching.
      drummin man627

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      Quote Originally Posted by CSXTrackInspector View Post
      The wife says I can spend around 600-700 dollars for whatever I want to buy.
      For that price, see if you can rent yourself an XD45 and see how it fits and fires. Full size .45 ACP, 13 +1 capacity. Excellent handgun for a first semi auto in the caliber your looking for and in the price range you're looking at ($550-$650). You'll also have some money left over to buy some ammo.

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      My suggestion would be for you to find a range that rents guns and try several different models out. You may find that one brand or model fits your hand better and you shoot it better. Find yourself the one you are the most comfortable and accurate with. What works for me may do the opposite for you. Good luck with your search.

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      In order for us to give any kind of helpful suggestions, you really need to at least narrow down what type of semi-auto you want. Do you want a single-action (SA), or a double-action (DA), double-action-only (DAO), or a striker-fired (very close to a DAO)? Do you want a metal-framed pistol, or a polymer one? Or do you even care what the frame is made of? Do you want something with a de-cocker? Do you feel the need for a safety lever? There are huge differences between these types of pistols, and suggesting perhaps a Kimber 1911 would be a waste of time if you do not want a 1911-style pistol.

      As mentioned, you should rent a bunch of different types, and then start to narrow down the choices. There is a good chance that you will find a type of pistol that you will greatly prefer, or at least find out what you really don't like. Right now, there are literally hundreds of pistols that would suit your very minimal requirements.

      As for which caliber -- it's not the caliber that should be your decision, but rather how easy or hard it is to find the one you like, and whether or not you can find a handgun in a particular cailber that fits you well enough to allow you can shoot both reliably and accurately. Both calibers will get the job done.

      oops, almost forgot -- as for not wanting a compact: I also have big hands (6'2"/225), but I can shoot anything out there. Not saying this because I think you should be the same way, but with a proper grip and training, you should be able to shoot anything that your heart desires. I say this because there are a few compacts out there that would really suit your needs. IOW something that is small enough to conceal easily, but yet still large enough to suit your grip size with the appropriate magazine the size of which would also be suitable for home defense. The Springfield XD is a good example (out of many). The compact version w/grip-extended magazine will fit you just fine, and the extra capacity the longer magazine affords will be suitable for home defense. When you want a more compact size, put in the smaller magazine, which I would wager you would shoot just fine, even with your big meathooks. Again, not saying that you *should* get a compact - I just think you should know your options....

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      per your question
      get the 45 not the 40 and since you want a CC option get the glock 36 - all the other 3" 45s and 40s are over your price range

      now if you don't want it for CC then that opens the market A LOT

      i have the glock 26 for home/range/ and CC and with the glock 19 magazine with the rubber accessory to go around the magazine the handle is a lot easier to hold for home defense -

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      At your price range I would look at M&P45, FNP45, XD45, or a G21. I would save up some more and get a HK45.

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