miami animal police on TV
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    miami animal police on TV

    I was just looking around on this forum while watching this show, and figured I had to tell you guys what I saw because I thought it was pretty funny(even though it was more dangerous than funny in reality)

    they were going with other officers to arrest a suspect, but there was a vicious guard dog which is why they were there. anyways the suspect took off and jumped the fence, and they all ran in different directions trying to find where he went. one of the officers was yelling to another officer about 20-30 feet away about where he could have gone, and he actually had the gun in his hand waving it around using the barrel to point in the directions he thought he could be.

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    Hmm..He must have been watching all those old war movies. You know, the ones where even after you get shot you don't look all messed up and you get all that dramatic music to fall down to?

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