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    Question Safety always first consideration

    Heres a question for all the experts. Presently I carry the Ruger LCP. Up until the big recall, I always carried it with one in the pipe. Yes I sent mine in for the upgrades, but then have become a tad bit gun shy about the safety issue. So now I carry, sans one in the pipe.

    I ask myself everytime I drop it in my pocket, what's the sense?

    So my quest now is to find another carry weapon that I can feel perfectly safe with.

    I wish Sig made a nice compact 9mm with a decocking lever. I own a P239 9mm, that I carry on occasion in cooler weather, but for EDC in Arkansas it's a tad big.

    I bought a Wilson Combat ADP, I love the gun, compact enough to carry, if you can find a holster, and it has a safety. Hmmm, safety problem here is the possibility of forgetting to take it off safe!

    My small arsenal includes a Taurus Millenium Pro 9mm; a Sig P2022 9mm; the aforementioned P239 and Ruger LCP; and a Glock 23 40 cal.

    Anyone with suggestions? Thanks.

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    Sorry you have safety concerns about the LCP. It really is safer now than when you sent it in. I sent mine in and still have faith in the safety of the weapon in my hands. Carry it in my front pocket with one in the pipe frequently with no concerns. If you look for replacement, that would be IWB CC, I would suggest the Walther PPS, CZ 2075 RAMI 9mm, XD9SC, depends on what you are searching for in caliber, size, etal. Good luck with your search.

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    Have you considered the KelTec 3AT that it was modeled after?

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    Send that LCP to me and I'll make sure it's never a threat to the safety of you or your family ever again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MLB View Post
    Have you considered the KelTec 3AT that it was modeled after?

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