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    Between these 2 gun what do you think?

    So I will be buying my first handgun pretty soon. Im not really new to them as I used them in the military just never owned one. First off it will be used as a bedside table protection weapon and a target/ fun shooting gun.

    Right now Im torn between the Taurus 1911 ALR. The alloy one with the rail and the Beretta Vertec in 9mm. I know there are pros and cons to each just wanted some general opinions on anything from cost of ammo to reliabilty. I know lots of ppl have had problems with Taurus but you dont see much bad stuff about their 1911's other then the finish comes off. Please help a new guy out.

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    I would stay away from the Taurus 1911, on the other hand my Beretta 92FS has been 100% reliable. There are allot better choices in 1911's for that price range, Springfield GI or Mil Spec, Para GI Expert, Rock Island, and I hear good things about the Firestorm DLX

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    If you are interested in Beretta, take a look at the PX4 Storm in 9mm, 40, or 45. Like you, I had shot many handguns but never owned one, until now. I researched for about a year before I decided to go for the PX4, and I had many models in consideration. Good luck with your search and if you have any more questions just ask

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