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    Heads Up... FYI

    Be careful about buying from vendors associated with "Guns America" they don't have any way for you to check a vendors reputation (sellers history) on past sales - Like Ebay, Gunbroker and Auction Arms does.

    I bought a Colt .45 Gold Cup from a vendor called D&L Shooting Supplies in Warwick, RI. They are a long standing gun dealer in the RI area. (actually have a large physical location - storefront) Long story - long - after speaking on the phone with the owner Al and his assuring me that the gun was LNIB, and he can't send me a pic because he doesn't have time, and if I don't like it I can send it back for a full refund - yickedy, clickedy, dak, blah, blah, blah...

    The gun arrived the biggest piece of SH!T worn out like a 60 year old bleach blond hooker from Main St. USA and filthy beyond belief - This gun was sooooooooo dirty (how dirty was it) it was caked in layers of gunk, this guy not only thought he was going to screw me but he dissed me bigtime as he didn't even care enough to try and fool me with a good cleaning before shipment.

    Well sent it back after calling in my displeasure and yup you guessed it - it took me two weeks to get a credit refunded and only after I told him the Warwick P.D. would be down to pay him a visit.

    Anyway, I thought I would post this as a reminder to be VERY careful buying online and if it smells funny it usually is run don't walk away. I thought something was fishy when he refused to send me pictures...

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    Yes, you are right. Another reason why I never buy a gun on the net :-D

    Sorry you had to go thru all that.

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