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    Stoeger Luger

    I have a real good friend that I shoot with a lot. He does a little gun smith work on the side and sometimes brings weapons he's working on out to test them out (I have a range here at the house). Today he brought a Stoeger Luger 22lr. I had never shot a Luger in anything but 9mm and that had been a long time ago. I must sat it was about the most fun I've had shooting a 22 in a while. It comes up and you are on target faster than about anything I have fired to date. Needles to say this is making me want one rally bad.

    Here's the part that made me want to post. He told me that this guy that brought it to him had this weapon put up for years. The guy told him it was issued to him in the Korean war where he was a tank driver. Now I had never known that Lugers were given to U.S. soldiers before, let alone a 22. After thinking about it the idea made a little more sense if you had to use the weapon inside the tank it would be a lot more safe than a 45 ACP 1911. Still I had never heard of GI's getting a 22 cal side arm. Any of you ever heard of that?

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    AFAIK the US Army has never issued Lugers of any caliber to any serviceman.

    IIRC tank crews in Korea would have had 1911s and M3s for use when they were outside the tank. No reason to be firing either inside the tank.
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