Question about price
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    Question about price

    I looked at a Sig Blackwater 226 in 9mm the other day. It comes with wooden grips, night sites, and 5 mags. The price is $899. I also looked at a Walther P99 for $600, an M&P 9c for $550 and any Glock in the lgs for $500. Is the Sig worth the price or would one of the others be just as good for the range? I have the money saved for any of these?

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    All are going to work fine for range use. That being said, I'd get the Sig. I thought they were pricey, but bit the bullet (pun intended) a few months ago and sold both my XDs to fund it. Usually I have seller's remorse when I get rid of a gun, but this time am very glad I did, definitely felt I stepped up, and haven't kicked myself once for getting the Sig. I'm already looking forward to my next one.

    Plus you're getting five mags! I got two for my $800+ and now the new guns come with one. You're getting a good deal.

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    I think the Sig is a good deal considering what it comes with, I checked around the internet and couldn't find the same package for a lower price and I believe it comes with extra factory grips as well.

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