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    New Magazine purchase Question

    Hi, I am relatively new to the forum (10 days, OK 9 really LOL).

    I purchased an SA XD .40 subcompact (XD40sc). I am looking to purchase extra magazines. I am also seeking to my concealed carry permit when I complete my course which should be in the next few days.

    The sc came with a 6+1 mag. as well as a 9+1 mag. I am going to purchase a 12 round mag. My question is... initially, how many of each different mag should I get? The sc will be for home protection also.

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    There is not a definitive answer to your question, but I'll give you my take on it. I keep at least three magazines for each carry gun. I like to have a second magazine with me. The third is for times when I go to competitions that requires two spares. None of my carry guns offer the flexibililty for having different sizes of magazines like yours so I don't have to pick between different sizes. In your case, try to conceal the gun with the different magazines and see how it goes. You will probably find one with smaller capacity is easier to hide.

    For home use I have a 9mm with a 15 round magazine. I don't usually keep a second loaded magazine, but I probably need to start rethinking that after some of the home invasion stories I've read lately.

    I know the above was not horribly helpful, but maybe it will give you some food for thought.

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    Like Mactex said, there is no "magic number" of magazines you should have. The biggest factor is probably your budget. The 12 round magazines run just over $30. How many can you afford?


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    Thanks guys. After reading your responses, I think what I was trying to ask something a little differently. I am assuming that the 6+1 one is definitely for CC. I'm thinking that the 6+1 and the 9+1 would be sufficient for the CC and 2 - 12's for home. And, as I am typing this I guess that I am asking how prepared to be which no one can answer but me. Thanks for being there. You helped a lot.

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