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    Question lead bullets

    I heard that if you shoot lead bullets with out any copper coating that you literally have to use a metal pick or something to remove the lead from the rifling is this true or not? I bought 4 boxes of Winchester .22 LR bulk packs and i didnt notice if they were copper coated do I have anything to worry about or should i just not worry about it?

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    Don't worry about it... especially for 22.

    You can get some leading of the barrel from lead bullets, but if you shoot a lot the economy of lead bullets is worth the extra cleaning. Usually a bit of quality time with the brass brush and solvent will take care of the lead.

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    Wet the bore with the liquid of your choice and let it set a while. Overnight is ok. Time will allow a good bore cleaner to get under the crud loosening it.

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    You are correct. I shot lead 22s and 38 s because of their cheapness and had a lot of cleaning to do. I also had feeding problems after shooting awhile.

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