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    New Models

    Are new model guns like new model autos? Should we stay away from them until they are proven problem free?

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    I guess that would depend on how much you trust the company that made it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nailer View Post
    Should we stay away from them until they are proven problem free?
    You'll be waiting an awful long time! Even that famous Austrian firearm company that uses the word "Perfection" as part of their slogan has had their share of recalls!


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    Ever since I got caught-up in two consecutive handgun recalls in the late '80, I've decided to let other folks do the beta-testing for the gun and ammo companies. I was severely lusting after a .357 SIG autoloader when they first came out, but I let the market shake out the lemons first, and I'm glad I did.

    My current take on the issue is yes, that new UltraBlast2009 may actually be the best gun on the market for a certain purpose, but can it really be THAT much better than the existing crop of well-tested and reliable handguns? Enough better that is justifies me taking the chance that it ISN'T actually the worst piece of crap even foisted on the public, or even just the latest defective offering from a well-known manufacturer that has had multiple recalls lately? Enough better that I must dump my current well-learned skill-sets in the crapper and start over, to the tune of thousands and thousands of higher-priced rounds, just to get BACK to the current skill level that I have now, with the promise of what, a 1% to 5% increase in accuracy or speed? At what point does this cease to make sense, fiscal or otherwise?

    Short version - "Old dog, may not be worth updating to new tricks for limited gains."

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    The latest and (purportedly) greatest is tempting, but I'll agree with DJ on this one. Sure, buy it, but in this world of make the most profit with the materials from the lowest bidder, don't be surprised with the model teething issues.

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