Pocket Guns..........?
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    Pocket Guns..........?

    Don't mean to intrude, I'm a revolver man. But I've formed a few opinions on this subject.

    First of all, I don't find pocket carry to my liking. Nor inside the waistband holsters. These holsters place the gun too far to the back to be comfortable for me.

    The prospect of carjacking is always present here where I live, and a pocketed gun is too slow to get into play. My own method of carry has become a Don Hume Open Top holster, on my right (Wright) hip.

    When the temperature is nearing 100 degress, I cover my holstered gun with a light leather vest. Tennessee does not require concealed carry, but I've found it more prudent to do so.

    Bob Wright

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    A pocket gun does necessarily mean the pants pocket...... A S&W 642 fits comfortable in a coat pocket.... Here in (Two Gun Town) Detroit, MI... a pocket gun is a good choice!!!..... Put I believe a pocket should me a revolver..... For 2 reasons...... can be fired through a coat pocket and you don't have to worry about the stovepipe or a miss fire like a semi.... just need to pull the trigger again....

    just my 2 cents.....

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    nc is an open carry state too, so i wear my p90 on my belt. never got around to getting a cc licence. i am a creature of habit, so most places i visit know me and expect me to have my gun on. i do however try to respect folks in certain situations, walmart, bi-lo etc, and just leave it in the truck.i have never carried in my pocket. i am considering a cc licence at this time, but i'm not sure how to conceal my super redhawk 9.5 if i decide to carry it though, so i'm in no hurry.


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    When I wear my various pairs of cargo pants (which is pretty much whenever I am not at work), I can keep my P99 compact in my front pocket. It makes a small bulge, but no one knows what's in my pocket. Could be keys or something.

    I had some side pain for a while, so I stopped carrying on my belt. Now, to be honest, I prefer this way of carry. It is convienient, and if I am ever robbed at a store or something, it will look like I am reaching for money to comply.

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    My favorite combination for a small (read "light") revolver is a S&W J-frame DAO with a Barami "Hip Grip". I love those grips because you can hang the gun anywhere on your belt/waistband or in your pocket with the handle in or out.

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    Pocket carry has its advantages:

    1. You can literally have your hand on the gun if you feel somewhat threatened but don't feel justified in drawing just yet.
    2. No belt is required unless you're using a heavy gun.
    3. It's extremely convenient to take on and off.
    4. In a fast-moving contact-distance encounter, you can fire through a jacket pocket (works better with a revolver than an auto).
    5. You can take off your jacket and wear a tucked in shirt.

    Also, like every other carry mode, it has disadvantages:

    1. Difficult, if not impossible, to draw with the support hand if the dominant hand is occupied or disabled.
    2. Difficult to draw while seated (if in pants pocket) without major gyrations.
    3. Some people have comfort issues. I personally don't -- I've used J-frames, Kel-Tecs and a Glock 26 for pocket carry -- but some people obviously do.
    4. Takes up space in a pocket where you might like to carry something else.
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