Calling all okies....
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    Calling all okies....

    I'm looking to purchase via online auction...I live in OKC... Any recommends on who to use for FFL transfer here ? I inquired 2 shops here that I frequent often,and they really didn't seem to want to be bothered...What I wanted to buy they didn't carry...Is there a list of shops that accept the transfers without making you feel like your asking them to cut off their arm to do this ?

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    One place that immdediately comes to mind is the Bud's Gunshop website, where they have a section that lists FFL's by state. There are about 10 listed for OKC. You might pull up that site and go through that list.

    Keep in mind that this list is only the FFL's that have sent their licenses to this company, so therefore might not be a complete list of what is in OKC.

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