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    Advice needed - tradining fancy .45 for more economical gun


    I am new to the forums and wanted to thank everyone in advance for any help.

    I own a Wilson Combat full size cqb. I have shot about 2500 rounds in it. I love the gun but am considering tradining it for a more economical pistol that uses less expensive ammo.

    Assuming I want a standard Glock17 (9mm) and my cqb is in mint used condition, roughly how much gun/ammo/accessories should I realistically try to get in an exchange?

    I understand that without seeing the cqb its impossible to tell exactly but I am just looking for a general idea.

    Thanks again for any and all advice.

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    Keep the .45 and buy an inexpensive .22 to play with. Remember, more guns is better!!!

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    You will regret parting with that Wilson.
    If you really want a Glock, save up some money and buy one. I've seen new ones for $450 and you could probably find a used one for less.

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    There are two used on Gunbroker right now. One is for $1850 and the other is for $2200.

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    I agree with keeping your Wilson. You will never get close to what its worth to you by trading for anything! "The one is the display case is always worth way more than the one in your hand you want to trade in." I had to trade a Guardian .380 w/crimson trace And a very nearly mint Python to get a Kimber without any additional cash. I know, I was stupid, but its not the first time, and probably not the last!

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    Another drive-by posting. One year old thread and OP has never returned. Done.

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