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Thread: Walther PPS

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    Walther PPS

    Does anyone have experience or knowledge of this new Walther semi? I know it's a 40 caliber that weighs under 20 ounces unloaded and is slighty bigger than a Keltec p3AT. It is promoted as an easy concealable with great stopping power. I wonder how hard it is to shoot being a 40 in such a small package.

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    Might want to do a thread search.........apparently there were some early teething problems.
    The size is more like a Keltec PF-9.

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    All I can tell you is it is thin. In every other aspect the gun is just as big as any other subcompact. I originally went to the gun shop to check this gun out and after comparing it to a few other guns I could not bring myself to buy it. I am sure it is a very nice gun but that .3 inch difference from the M&P was not enough. Needless to say I went with the M&P. Cost lest comes with two mags and is roughly the same size except for width.

    Check out the link. I don't necessarily think this guy is a gun guru or put to much on his opinion but he does show video comparison to other guns.

    Edit: Sorry this is the clip I was thinking of.

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    nail, you might consider reading the Walther forum here.

    I had a PPS in 40 and sold it; it was just too small for my medium-size hands even with the larger backstrap. S&W (the Walther distributor in the US) customer service is nonexistant as far as I'm concerned. For 2 weeks they were too busy to answer their fones and invited callers to leave a message, which they indicated they'd return within 24 hours. I left 3 messages; they NEVER returned one.

    Also the magazines are quite expensive. Why they have to charge $60 for magazines smaller than $30 Glock mags is beyond me. See also PPS mag latch is (was!) sharp! .

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    Quote Originally Posted by nailer View Post
    I know it's a 40 caliber that weighs under 20 ounces unloaded and is slighty bigger than a Keltec p3AT.
    Actually, it is quite a bit larger than a P3AT. They really aren't in the same class as far as size goes. Perhaps you have seen or held a Glock 26. The PPS is longer and taller than the G26. It is however thinner than the G26, but along with this decrease in width comes a decrease in cartridge capacity.

    The first ones did have problems, but it seems like the newer ones work just fine. I would not worry about shooting a .40 version, since it really isn't that small to begin with. If I didn't already have a G26, I would get one...

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    I have a .40 and now have it broken in as well. I learned a lot on the PPS owners forum. I soon as I purchased it I took it home, stripped it, cleaned it, and lubed it. Put on a pair of leather gloves and racked the slide 200 times. Took it to the range on three different occasions to put 250 rounds through it and never had a problem. Trigger was sort of gritty and uncomfortable but after more research I discovered another point for lubrication and that seemed to smooth it out somewhat. If I could have gotten a 9mm soon after purchasing the .40 I would have. Instead after that purchase I ended up buying a Springfield XD 9 tachtical, a Sig 2022 in 9mm, a Kahr PM9, a Taurus .38 sp snubbie, and a Taurus 4" .22. I am now over my addiction and just searching like everyone else for food for these animals. I would have no hesitation in purchasing another PPS if I ever wanted to. It conceals easily - I use a Mitch Rosen OWB holster and may purchase another one of a different style from him. Good Luck.

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    its all about being thin baby!!

    thats right! walther's whole purpose of this gun wasnt so that it would be a mouse gun that would fit inthe palm of oyur hand so no one would notice! it was designed to be carried inside the waistband more easily and comfortably than other "CCW" guns. I have the P99c and although its small enuff for deep concealment, the PPS is way easier to carry IMHO b/c of the thinness of the pistol.

    if youre like me and of typical america large butt size (ie 36-38 waist) and do not like wearing your pants one size up just so you can wear your pistol inside the waistband (and then so when you remove the gun your pant either fall down like those droopy drawrered punks at the mall; or, you end up having to cinch them down a bit w/ your belt and they still look not so great)----then this pistol is for you! I tried this thing on last year at a gun show with my generic Desantis IWB holster and I had to tighten my pants! I wear a 38 w/ my walther, but w/out i wear a 36 and this pistol would allow that. It would be very nice to carry a compact pistol that would allow me to actually wear my correct sized trousers! just a thought.

    oh, please forgive my typos as i am typing (trying to) on one of those new tiny 10 inch notebooks......not easy.....but ill get used to it eventually! It too, like the PPS makes life easier when carrying it as it only weighs like alittle under 2lbs. but like anything, it has its drawbacks, just like the PPS does.......

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