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    Looking for CC .45

    I am looking for CC .45 with a thumb saftey and was wondering what everyone thought of the Millenium Pro 145.
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    I am looking at buying a CC .45 with a thumb saftey. what are some good canidates to start looking at???? that wont break the bank!!!!
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    I am looking for a cc .45 with a thumb safty. can anyone please lead me in the right deriction. i have a XD 9mm sub compact but i weanted more knock down power.
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    I like the Kimber's and Para's but they are a little pricey, Might take a look at a Taurus or Llama, they are a little less expensive.

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    Pass on the llama. Rock Island is a good starter as well as several others in the $400.00-$600.00 range.

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    It would help if you would narrow it down some.

    Price range, full size or compact, etc...

    This thread: which pistol to choose?
    is an excellent example of how to pick a gun.
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