Check all functions on older weapons FIRST!!

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      Check all functions on older weapons FIRST!!

      Range had an accident recently. A retired police officer took his Sunday school class to the range to learn how to handle a handgun safely. A young man brought an older Beretta .380 that his grandfather had brought back from WWII the story goes. Once the "instructor" cleared the weapon and checked the magazine for spring travel and tension and then loaded the mag with some modern .380 ball ammo. So far so good. Keep in mind this is a good guy with good intentions. Regular range user and shoots personal Glock 22 well and safely. Seems an old steel Beretta travelling back from Europe via troopship in a duffelbag has a tendency to rust. In this case the firing pin was frozen in the protruded position. Never checked the breech face. Old habit of those used to dealing with open bolt weapons worth heeding. With the young man and his female companion standing next to him in the lane booth he inserted the mag in the weapon and the slide slammed shut firing the round then it continued to fire the remaining 4 rounds as only 5 were loaded in the mag. Unfortunately he had his off hand's ring finger in the proximity of the muzzle. Long story short he lost the finger from the last joint out. Impact dead center of the joint, severing the end of the finger. This resulted in a very scared young couple, a range incident that resulted in an insurance report as well and a well meaning person having a personal injury that was thankfully minor relative to the potential. We are all thankful that the injury was the only one that occurred. Moral: Always keep the weapon pointed in a safe direction and always point a loaded weapon downrange. Lets have a safe year and do all we can to minimize opportunities for this kind of accident.

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      +1...Thanks for sharing this!

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      Thanks for sharing....and I definitely conquer with your sentiments at the end of your post. Glad it turned out"well" Sounds like it could have been a real disaster with a lot worse injuries then the ones sustained.

      Everyone be careful, be safe, and be aware. And enjoy our great sport and privledge.

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      Yes, thanks. Good lesson here.

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