Michigan computors
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    Michigan computors

    Hello gun enthusiasts,
    I can believe what is going on here in the great state of Michigan .
    This being the computor age, you would think communicatioin would be one of our best assets. Well, just remove the "t" from that word and you spell "Michigan legislation". I went to the city police dept to pick up a "permit to purchase" this past december 27th, and they told me I would have to wait til January 7th (today) because they are changing the permit forms to new styled ones. Discouraged, I waited patiently til today, the 7th, and hiked on over to the department to get a ptp. Guess what? the "State of Michigan's" computors are down, and will not communicate with the city's computor in order to print some up. Final answer: I can't purchase a hg until the computor situation is rectified. The state has quoted "it may be a long time before we get things fixed". I put a hg on hold last night in anticipation, but the city is refusing to budge, saying they ''can't" issue a ptp. "Their hands are tied". WTH ??? Has anyone heard of such a thing, and what rights do I have in recourse? I don't want to cause a stink, but what's going on. Our legislators are failing the citizens of Michigan. Talk about inept.
    What do you think?
    thanks, bt

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    What is "a long time" ??

    Well as an IT professional I can tell you that there is NO WAY any network engineer or programmer would let anything take "a long time" to get fixed. There are too many people out there looking for work.

    If it is a software issue or database issue, they have no excuse as the data could be temporarily stored in any basic MS_WORD document and later entered into the database.

    If it is a hardware issue, you can pretty much get any piece of hardware shipped to anywhere in the world in about 24 hours, and have it installed and integrated within hours.

    If it is a network issue - in any OSI layer, it should not hold up things for long if at all, as the data could be stored on any local machine and replicated later when the network issue was solved.

    I cannot say for sure, since I don't know their problem. But I cannot imagine anything taking more than a day or two to get sorted out, even if they were not willing to do a temporary work around.

    The NY state DMV network crashed once, and they were down for a couple days. I worked for Cisco at the time and helped their network techs install a new supervisor module in one of their switches. The part was shipped, installed and configured in about 24 hours total. And that included our diagnostics and configs.

    So I would just keep bugging them every couple days until you get an answer.

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    I have been bugging them every couple of hours today. It just amazes me that they would even have a problem. This new form has been in the works for some time I would imagine. I didn't get the specifics, but the city said the state computor system will not function with the municipality computors. It sounds like a compatability issue? The city didn't know the details.
    I'm miffed.

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    I don't know where you live, but I was told on Monday the new form would be required on Wednesday. ( Jan.7 th ) I went in on Tues. ( Jan.6th)

    When I went in to have my new gun "saftey inspected" the lady said here's the new form," we are now using". She had a stack sitting on her desk. ( Genesee county )

    It only took a few minutes.

    ( Now I didn't need a permit to purchase, CPL holder)

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    May be if they used a computer like the rest of the world it might go a little quicker. I think this "computor" they are using is the problem.

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