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    Gun prices seem to be crazy

    I'm looking in my safe to find things I haven't used in a long time. Just seems to be the time make a couple of bucks or break even on guns that have appreciated in value.

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    Haven't seen a change in used gun values that much. Everyone wants an evil black rifle nowadays, and the local shops here can't keep AR's in stock. If you've got a good local market, cash out.

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    Prices are out of control. I was at a gun show today and saw S&W Sigmas for $360, Glocks for $550, and S&W M&Ps for $590. About $90 more than they could be found for before the election.

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    I thought about selling a couple of my pistols, but then reconsidered. I think they will go up in value in the future. I am keeping everything I have. Also, it seems that an individual selling something cannot get a reasonable price for it. I would rather keep mine and see what happens.

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    I was at my favorite shop this week. He's out of AR's. He and the surrounding shops in my area have not raised pricing yet but if this runn keeps going he said he might have to. Manufacturers are holding at currently published prices as well. What you are seeing in some areas is a return to MSRP pricing from dealers as they're increasing their margins but they should not be selling above MSRP or their manufacturers sales reps will cut them off.

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