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    New semi-auto. What to get??

    Hello folks. First off this is a GREAT site, and full of information. Keep up the good work. A lot of very knowlegable people here is seems.

    So, with that, I have a question. I currently own a couple Taurus revolvers and a Bersa .380. However i am in the market for a new semi-auto and have narrowed my choice down to a few.

    The first is a SA XD 45 Tactical. I have shot one and liked the way it felt in my hand. Shot great.

    The second is a Taurus PT1911. I have also shot one of these. GRAET gun, and I hate to say it but it seemed to feel a little better in my hand, and it was more accurate than me.

    The third is a S&W M&P. Have a couple of L.E. buddies who absolutely swear by em, and say there is nothing better. I have never shot one however.

    So, any insite to this newbie would be greatly appreciated.

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    Throw in a Sig P220 and the FN FNP45 you have all the usual suspects...

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    +1 on the FNP. I just picked up my FNP9 and looking forward to some range practice.

    since you are familar with the revolvers, are you specifically looking for a SA or hammerless autoloader? The gunsmith showed me a "new" (first in his shop) a sweet little Barretta 9mm (sorry i don't know the model #) with a saftey that the other DA/SA i was looking at didn't have.



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    Of the listed options I like the M&P best. If I hadn't gotten started with Glock and if the M&P was more tested and more things were known about them when I was looking, I would have gotten the M&P.

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    Favorite to me is the S&W M&P.
    Then i would vote for the XD45.Though if it was on your list i would take the FNP over the XD...

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