New weapon coating...
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    New weapon coating...

    I always clean and oil my weapon thoroughly after getting it home and breaking it down. I often wonder what is on my weapon when I first buy it. Is Cosmoline still used on new pistols or rifles? Or is it some other lube or anti-rust coating?

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    I have a fairly good-sized collection of modern rifles and handguns, and none of them came w/cosmoline. Cosmoline is used for long-term storage, and a new firearm meant for consumer use was manufactured for sale, and not for storage.

    Most firearms will have some type of machine oil on them. Some will have some type of protectant/anti-sieze on them, such as the copper-colored stuff you will find in a new Glock.


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    What does Taurus put on their handguns?? When I bought my pt111 it had something like vaseline all over it... FIIK?

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