Decided on my CCW (I think)

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      Decided on my CCW (I think)

      Although I havnt found a lot of reviews for it, I think since I have finished everything I want to do to the glock21sf I use for HD, my CCW weapon is going to be a Wilson Combat KZ compact chambered in 45. The more I look at it the more I like it and hey it is a WC so that just adds to the investment and heirloom aspect of it... Anyone ever had one or know any specifics about them? I am going to a gun sho next weekend I hope I can find one. If not I am only a couple of hours from WC so I must just drive up and pick one up direct from the peeps themselves LOL I guess since they are not a custom piece that they probably have a stock of them? (mental note) call and check before riving up there

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      I always wanted to stop by the Wilson factory. Everytime I've ever gone through Berryville, it was on the way to Green Forest for work, no stops allowed.

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      It would be cool to pick up a pistol at the factory, but before you go, you might call them and make sure that they are a dealer as well as a manufacturer.


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