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Thread: Comparison

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    My suggestion is get the Kahr PM9 if you must have a pocket gun. I agree with RamRod that when new pocket guns are not the best choice. I can't back that up with facts or figures just how I feel. I think a gun in a holster is a better for a noobe. It is just my opinion I still don't like a pocket gun now, My best motorcycle riding buddy on teh other hand is a pocket gun guy all the way and he carries the PM9.

    If you can wear a IWB holster such as the or the then get a CW9 Kahr. You can own the CW9 and one of those fine IWB holsters for less then 500 bucks. You have a great easy to conceal gun in a fine holdster that hides the gun has great retention and will work with the clothing you described.

    My 2 cents........ no charge.............that way if you take my advice you will surely get your moneys worth

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    Kahr PM9 replaced a CZ RAMI 9mm I had carried. Chose the Kahr due to it's lite weight. Also much better price on the Ammo than a .380 ( I also have a Ruger LittleCrappyPistol)....WVleo

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    I own both of the guns in your poll. (Except I have a glock 27 that I converted to 9mm)
    I bought the glock first, with intention of concealed carry. It's a great gun, but pants enormous enough to conceal it are not pants I need to be wearing. Yo. So, I bought an lcp. With a 6$ holster from cheaper than dirt, it's perfect for pockets. I just ordered heavier springs for it; lcp stock springs are on the light side. I love it, but concealing my glock is like concealing a deadly mutant brick

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    Detonics Combat Master .45

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    They are both good guns but the Glock 26 is a little bigger and heavier

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