CZ 40B Anyone ever shot one? Impressions?

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      CZ 40B Anyone ever shot one? Impressions?

      I'm looking for impressions on the CZ 40B. It looks interesting, like a 1911 frame but not quite. I'm wondering if it feels and shoots like a 1911. All of the true 1911 framed .40's from the major manufacturers are very high priced. Is this a viable, low cost alternative?

      I'm still searching for a .40 range gun and I've seen these for under $350.

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      I owned one a few years back. I even took a local practical pistol class with it.

      The grip angle is similar to the 1911, but the grip area is quite a bit blockier than the 1911. The bore axis is higher. The trigger is nowhere near as good as a tuned 1911's, though it is still perfectly adequate. Mags are not easy to find. Mine was totally reliable, unlike many 1911s.

      It's a good pistol, and easily worth $350. It fits pretty well in holsters for the SIG P220/P226.
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