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    Had to sell collections but lesson learned

    The picture at the bottom plus 15 more pistols and six more rifles was my collection at it's peak. Both my wife and I have health problems and are unemployeed. The first things to go are the guns most of the time. I sold everything except for the 45acp remington Rand S&W 38 sp snub my 22-250 savage and my Tompson/contender with 5 barrels. That's all I have left. Do I miss them? No

    I know what your thinking I need to go to Bellvieuw. The only ones I miss was my S&W 1911, 357 mag 686+ all XD's my glock 19 and FN 5 and 7 and HK P2000.

    Once I am making money I will first get the PARA PDA LDA 45acp for carry and the 9mm for fun and the wife. I'll get a couple XD's my Glock19 and a couple of 1911's. If I have a lot of money I'll get another 5&7 and to end it I will get a ClassIII HK UMP 45acp. Then I'll set aside 2K just for gun shows to buy and sell. I might get something I think I might like and shoot it for awhile then sell it. I enjoy doing that and if I break even I'm happy.

    I added up everything I spent and what I sold everything for. Most of my guns were late models and I should have lost a lot. I'mm a little over 200 a head. I will never own that many guns again just to much work and stress. I do miss going to the safe and pulling something out for the evening to wipe down and fiddle with.

    I'm looking forward to a few new ones but when I got down to about 8 to 10 pistols I found myself going to the range and shooting more. I will be having a lot of magazines and holsters for sale soon once I organize them.

    I still love guns and have a passion for them but sometimes going overboard wore on me.

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    Guns are just objects, tools for a specific purpose. Your health and financial well-being are far more important than some guns.

    I get by just fine with a relatively small number of guns. I still have a few more than I need, and could live quite happily with a half-dozen guns or even less.
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    I'm sticking with my four pistols, one rifle, two shotguns for now... bout right... More than I can shoot.


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    Sorry to hear about you and your wife's health issues and financial problems. Good luck on both fronts.

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    Hang in there SD things got away of turning around. Hope you and the wife are doing better heath wise. Good luck.

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    You can replace guns later, just do what you need to. My thoughts and prayers for you and yours.

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