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    Disliked the PX4 safety

    I just went to my range and shot a PX4 Storm that a guy was shooting down there. I wasn't impressed. I think the trigger on my S&W Sigma is better than that one. I thought it would be a nice ergonomic fit in my hand like my Sigma but I was wrong about that too. Worst of all, the design puts the slide release in line with the safety. I continually hit my thumb on the slide lever while trying to disengage the safety. I know I haven't practiced with the gun but this seems to be a bigtime design flaw. In an emergency draw, and ready situation, I don't want to lose a few tenths of a second trying to get the safety off while my thumb has to negotiate around the slide release. It seems this gun is made for those person's hands whose thumb falls at a point where raising it will miss the slide stop and move up to the safety. IMO Not many people will experience this perfect fit.

    Anyone else observe this?

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    I consider that dingus on the slide as a decocker, not a safety. I'd just carry the gun with the safety off and not sweat it. I can't think of a situation that would require an emergency decock.

    Not that I'd ever carry a PX4.
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    Never had a problem with the one I had (I just sold it). Only reason I sold it was because I needed the $ to buy a Nighthawk. For a 40 cal, I really liked it.

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    I had mine converted to a "G" model (decocker only)

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