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    I am just curious if there are any other 10mm shooters out there. Granted, there are not many new guns chambered for this cartridge anymore, but it really is a fantastic round.

    My custom Delta Elite has been an almost constant companion for many years and has proven itself to be a reliable and effective piece of equipment. Whether for target shooting, competition, or defensive use, loaded with appropriate ammo, there are few other cartridges that can match the 10mm's performance and versatility.

    When Loaded with light weight bullets (135grn), it is a very fast, flat shooting round that is not difficult to control. With medium weight bullets (155-180grn) loaded to moderate velocity, it becomes a potent self defense cartridge. And when hand loaded with heavy weight bullets (200grn) and driven hard, true magnum performance, suitable for hunting and protection from large four legged critters, can be achieved.

    So any other fans out there??


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    Have you tried the 10mm talk forums?

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