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Thread: Fair Trade?

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    Fair Trade?

    I am currently wanting a sig or USP .40 bad.

    Would this be a fair trade for a new sig or usp?

    1.Beretta M-9...bought two months ago.only fired once. (2)15 round magazines, 99.9% NIB.


    2.WSAR 10 Romanian ak-47...NEW fired,oil can,bayonette, (2)30 round clips, furniture has been redone also.

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    Both of those together may equal the value of a new Sig - but, be aware, if you are trying to trade it into a dealer - U probably won't get what it is worth.

    He has to turn around and make $ too. One time, I bought a gun, shot it 1x, and had some issues. Traded it back in the next day - Only got 75%.
    And, that was because I had gotten it from them the day before. Otherwise, I would have gotten less.

    Now, the beneifit of a trade in is that you only have to pay tax on the difference.

    But you may be better off selling each gun seperately on your own, and then use the $ for what U want.

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    If you post that you want to trade both of those guns for any Sig in .40SW, you will get tons of offers.

    I would only trade with reputable folks though.

    I traded a SigP239 in .40SW for a Kimber Pro Carry II and it was a perfect trade. I worried though.... as one would.

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    Financially, that seems like more than a fair trade. You just have to find someone that has what you want and who wants what you have.

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    id keep my 2 firearms.

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    I would keep the Beretta, sell the AK, and save up the rest to buy the Sig or HK you want. The M9 is a heck of a nice pistol, I'd keep it.

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