Questions about Carrying and pistols.

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      Questions about Carrying and pistols.

      I am here in Georgia and i have a couple questions about carrying a weapon.

      I know that you must have a ccw permit to cary concealed but you don't need a permit if it's in a holster on your belt and everyone can see it. (correct me if I'm wrong)

      Is the age to buy a pistol 18 or 21? I know you must be 21 to have a ccw (again, please correct me if i am wrong) I am looking into purchasing an SA XDm or perhaps a Kahr .45CW, Walther P99 or even (and my favorite)an HK USP.


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      Georgia Gun laws and carry

      Try It lays out all the specifics. I am just up 985 from you and serve as a reserve Deputy with the S.O. up here. Open carry is permitted by legal adults in Georgia. With open carry you loose the advantage of carry unless you are an officer or deputy is carrying for protection. It serves to upset the general public at times and can cause some random questions by the local constabulary. Get a permit. It is valid proof that you have been "checked out" and tell an officer/deputy that you are carrying if stopped. You don't have to but surprises with weapons are not productive for anyone. You sound very responsible and I am sure you will take the time to research the issues and train to carry responsibly. Just think what would have happened to Brian Nichols if the general populace carried and was trained to use the weapon.

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