Wow? Umm....theres alot of Beretta Fans.

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      Wow? Umm....theres alot of Beretta Fans.

      What makes you such a big fan of Beretta? Just curious, Ive carried a M9 for the past few years and have nothing but issues. Mainly because of the Army and not the gun itself. The M9 I was issued wasnt maintained well before I got it.

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      I'm new to this board. From what they were saying this used to be a dedicated Beretta forum.

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      Yes, this was a Beretta site for about 2 months, and we just opened it up to all handguns. Hence, all the Beretta topics in the older posts...

      I had a 92FS for 8 years, and just sold it recently because I wanted something new. Gun always worked great, though. Never a problem.

      I ended up getting a USP compact w/ the money I made from the sale.

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