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    Question I have been trying to decide?/?/

    OK I have been trying to decide witch pistol to get for my cc pistol. I have 3 that I am looking at, all are sub compact. I like the glock 26 the MP 9 and the XD9. So far I have held the glock and the MP and the Mp feels better then the glock more like a 1911,and they have a rebate going on for 2 extra mags or $30. off. Wish I could hold the XD before I make my choice. Can I get some input on my choices or if there is another one I should look at let me know I also liked the Walther PPS 9MM Pistol but I have read they are having problems .

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    They're all good pistols. I'm pretty sure most of what anyone could really tell you was covered in your other thread (G26 or MP9??). Considering you stated that you already own an XD, then you know how they point for you, and I'm assuming you like it. Also, your trigger time on one XD translates to the other, as mentioned to me by Mike Barham before purchasing my XDSC. I would recommend trying to get your hands on an XDSC before making your decision. Just my .02


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    I'll just reinforce BeefyBeefo's opinion. If you already have an XD, get the XDSC. You have some mag and holster interchange, and practice with one relates directly to the other.

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    If you really like the 1911 style look into a CZ 2075 Rami. Right about the same price range as the other guns your interested in.

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    Just don't buy the XD, and THEN the XDSC, and THEN the XD Tactical... like I did! I'm glad they don't build a 6" version... I'd have to spend another $550...

    I echo the above. I carry an XD45C, or an XD9SC. I "plink with extreme accuracy" with an XD45 Tactical. They're all super reliable guns, and they all nestle nicely in the same holster, and the 45's swap mags... and even FRAMES if you want to.

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