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Thread: pocket holster

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    pocket holster

    i have a ruger LCP and need a pocket holster
    the only one i can remember is the nemisis
    is this a good one?
    what are other members favorites out there?

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    Here's one that I use for a KT-3AT.

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    Your Ruger LCP will be similar in size to my NAA Guardian 380. Here's a picture my Guardian in a Nemesis:

    I've been using this "team" almost daily since last November. The Nemesis is lightly padded; the outside is "sticky" so it stays in your pocket when removing the firearm. I like is so much that I ordered another for my Taurus PT-145 last night. Direct from DeSantis, the cost of a Nemesis is $22 + $8.50 shipping. You might be able to save a few shekels locally. I found my original Nemesis at a local gun store for less. Having said all that, you have to admit that Baldy's leather holster is nicer looking. Good luck in your search and "seizure".

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    For a long time, I used the Galco Pocket Protector with a KelTec P3AT, which is the gun Ruger copied for the LCP. All Galco holsters that fit the P3AT will also work with the LCP.
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    Try Robert Mika:
    Cheap, effective, modifiable by custom-order. Not leather.

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    I use a Mika for my 642 and love it.

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    I just bought a Galco pocket holder for my Bersa Thunder 380 and I love it. I bought a cheap one from Uncle Mikes, the one with the tacky strip to hold onto the inside of your pocket, and it never did. I like the way the Galco has the little hook to catch your pocket and allows you to draw clean.

    I'm sure the Don Hume works the same.


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