Pistol Owners and the CX4...

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      Pistol Owners and the CX4...

      1. What do you think about the CX4 and the ability to shoot 9mm, 40 and 45 Rounds.

      2. Would you buy one, does anyone have one?

      3. Whats the advantage of having something like an AR15 vs a CX4?

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      I bought a CX4 in 9mm last year, and put an EOtech on it. After 1 trip, I sold it.

      I have a PS90, and bullpups are not known for having god triggers. But, I am used to it.

      The CX4's trigger was even heavier than my PS90 trigger. I was lucky to get 4-" groups at 50 yards.

      I know there are ways to polish the trigger set, but I don't know how to take those parts out. I just wasn't happy and ended up selling it.

      If U want a 9mm rifle, I'd get a 9mm AR.

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      Thanks ShipWreck, PS90s are pretty sweet! I have to agree with you on the PX4, its an OK pistol in my book, Id own one but it wouldnt be my favorite gun or CCW. I shot my buddie's px4 and it fits my hand but the safety is really high. The trigger pull is alot longer and heavier than my 24/7 Pro.

      A co-worker of mine says the CX4 is a pistol with a butstock... i can see where he is coming from but he has never owned or shot one...

      Anyway, thanks again for your info, i hope others post on this topic, i know its a fairly new product... i think i would probably lean more toward an AR15 right now since it has proven itself over the years and been in so many conditions etc...

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      I do not understand why anyone would want a six pound 9mm.
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