New to handguns need opinions

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      New to handguns need opinions

      I would like to get a auto for personal protection and home use. I have only owned a Taurus M85CH in the past. I have narrowed my search to a few models after doing some reading but I am an assault rifle guy so I know very little of handguns. Here are the models of consideration right now. (9mm/.40 standard or I really like compact)
      HK USP
      FN FNP
      HK P2000
      HK P30
      S&W MP
      Walther P99
      Glock 26/27
      I have only shot my Taurus .38, GLock 21(too big for my girlie hands),Berretta 96 (I would rather carry my UZI it seemed to weigh the same) and a springfield competition .45 (awesome gun just not really wanting .45)
      Any opions are very welcomed I will be checking out the individual forums for my info.

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      all that you chose are fine

      if you want small then glock26 - i own one- love it - a lot of people love it
      the springfield 3" xd9
      if it just for home protection and target range then size really doesn't matter and you could go all the way to a 5" barrell
      i'd stick with 9mm - cheaper ammo - easier to get too

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