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Thread: M&P vs XD

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    M&P vs XD

    i recently overheard the end of a conversation at a gun shop and it ended " that is why the M&P is better than an XD"

    i wondered what he was talking about.

    anybody have any input?

    are the M&Ps selling well?

    i just haven't heard much good or bad about the M&P

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    Could have been any reason, just like when people here say one gun is better than another. Both are good guns. Sounds like another case of a salesman pushing his personal preference on a customer.

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    As Todd said, both are good guns. I like the lower bore axis and interchangeable backstraps on the M&P, but the XD has a somewhat longer track record for reliability.

    I'd be happy with either.
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    The rebates on the M&P's are what makes a lot of people choose them over the XD. Having shot both, they were very similar in terms of feel and performance. When S&W was giving buyers $50 AND a couple mags back, it sure was a good I think it's $30 OR two mags.

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    I've rented both. Neither are my favorite. But, I did just get an XD45. And, I prefer the XDs to M&Ps, personally.

    Now, everyone knows that a P99 is the best

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