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    Next-Purchase XD sub 3" or Glock 27 going .40 S&W

    going to make my purchase Monday. I have no way or acess to shoot them before so flying slightly blind.

    I think I am leaning towards the XD. Any other considerations before I pull the trigger.

    Oh, off my own topic slightly, do semi's hand snake shot/shotshells at all. Kind of like shooting snakes this time of year.

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    The XD Subcompact is at the top of many people's lists of late. It is an excellent choice, in either 9mm or 40. Super-reliable, concealable, and with the 16-shot long mag, is a joy at the range. I own 2 XDs.

    Shot-shells? No. I've never heard of a shot-shell for semi-autos. I'd guess too many issues with feeding and ejection with the abnormal case mouth, and most rimless autos actually seat in the chamber on the lip of the case.

    Stick with a wheel gun for snakes, or jus shoot 'em at a greater distance... with a 9mm. THAT'S accuracy.


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    Both are good guns. Glock has the edge in bore axis, trigger reset and availability of parts and accessories.
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    You really can't go wrong with either. Go with the one that feels the best in your hands. Also, if money is an issue, then the XD is clearly the choice. They'll both do what you want.


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    I'm picking up my XD SC tomorrow. I have the 4" and like the XD line. But that's me. Both are goos choices, so go with what feels best for you.

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    When it comes to available parts, steadfast reputation, and the fact that both military and LE trusts them, Glocks win. But, also consider that both are essentially SAO and do not have external manual on/off safeties. Both the XD and Glock have the trigger safety, but the XD also has a grip safety that mimicks that of a 1911. IMO, the XD is a safer gun. It's true that a gun is as safe or as dangerous as the person behind it. But if an added safety feature (grip safety) would make you more confident handling and carrying it, then go with the XD. If you feel 100% confident that you can safely carry a Glock and would prefer a lower bore axis, go with the Glock 27.

    If I were to pick, I'd probably go with the Glock due to the lower bore axis and slightly longer barrel. It's ironic that I chose a .45 auto in a 3" barrel, but the Glock 27 has a ~3.25" barrel (I think, I could be wrong), which isn't as long as a 4.25" barrel that's the next size on a 1911.

    Both are excellent choices and are as reliable as you can be. If something screws up, it's your fault and not the gun.

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