Good News and Bad News
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    Good News and Bad News

    Well it has been an interesting week. I don't get to post here much as I work much more then I should. I was at my local dealer's shop Tuesday to browse and ended up buying a fishing pole and a few odds and ends. While I was there, I noticed he had 3 used Sig P6(225) German Police Issue. There were all actual German police duty firearms. I toyed with the idea of purchasing one since they were priced at a very reasonable $315. They were all in excellent shape and stamped W. Germany on the side. There was a bit of holster wear but that is to be expected. One in particular held my interest because it still had its original manual written in German in the original box. Suprisingly enough the wife was willing to let me purchase it (I did actually take her with me that time). At the time, I decided to wait.

    The story continues yesterday while speaking with my wife about our upcoming 1 year anniversary. I discovered that after I walked away from the counter on Tuesday, she had asked the owner to hold it so she could buy it for me for our anniversary. (She is an amazing woman at times) I was so exicted that I made her go pick it up yesterday evening. Thats part of the good news.

    The bad news is that she called me from the shop to tell me that they had just informed her they would be closing permanently today. I was very disappointed because that is where I like to spend my spare time and they have been very good to me. I wanted to mention this because its obvious the economy is struggling. Big chain stores such as Walmart and Dick's are really hurting small business owners. Believe it or not my local dealer is still cheaper then Walmart or any other chain store on just about everything he has in stock. So please keep in mind as you plan your purchases that even though sometimes you may pay a little more from your local dealer, you are getting the special attention and service that no major chain store can provide. Try and do your business with them and help them stay afloat as money becomes tighter for everyone.

    I made a trip up today and spent a couple hours talking with the owner and a few of the guys that work for him. It was difficult to say the least but I finally had to leave so I could make it to work on time this afternoon. I refused to leave empty handed though. I made a call to my amazing wife and discovered our bonus tax refund(or whatever you call the extra refund) had arrived in our account this morning. Knowing I was visiting my favorite store for the last time, my beloved wife gave the approval for me to spend it all and then a little bit more if there was something I wanted. Since my collection has grown to a shotgun, rifle, and 7 handguns (including my duty weapon), I decided it was past time to buy a decent safe. While I know they are not the end all safe, I bought a Liberty Centurion 17 gun safe. Since that wasn't even close to the amount she allowed me to spend, I went ahead and bought a FN FNP-45 to add to my collection and stocked up on some ammunition as well.

    So while I acquired two new firearms this week and a new safe, I lost my local dealer. I really want to say it one more time before I end my post.

    Please support your local dealer or they may not be around next time you need them!

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    Well said!!!

    Someone said that every time you shop at WalMart a little piece of America dies. Its true.

    They treat their employees like crap and won't pay a living wage. Instead of providing health benifits, they teach their employees how to apply for medicaid and foodstamps. And whatever they sell is either crap made in China or is from a supplier who is squeezed so tight they're luckey to see any profit.

    Buy local and support the local guy who is going to be there for you if you've got a problem, who's going to sponsor your kid's little leauge team, and is going to spend his profits in your community! That's worth the extra $3 a box for bullets.

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    Walmart is anti-gun and anti-American. They stopped selling handguns to pander to the weak-kneed left. In my mind they are the worst of the modern, corporate pirates. I will not purchase any firearms-related products there and nothing else unless I have no choice. I will use the internet, and wait for shipping, before using Walmart.

    I agree with supporting local business, specfically gun shops. That is where we should be purchasing guns, rounds, accessories. Everytime we save $20 now, we are probably losing $100 in the future and risking the loss of a business that caters to our wants and needs.

    I am sorry that you lost your local shop. Hopefully they can re-open at some point?

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    Only problem i have with buying at my local gun shop / indoor range is that their prices are ridiculous, not just a little expensive, but stupid high. i bought an extra magazine at the gun shop for $50 + tax. I then went to Cabellas a week later and bought the same magazine for $17. There is no way I'm supporting the local gun shop if they are going to mark up THAT much it's a bit stupid. Their ammo prices are kinda high too compared to wal-mart. I already pay them $9 a visit to shoot at the range so I figure I can buy the ammo at walmart and save some cash, I wouldn't want to pay for the costs of ammo to shoot weekly if I paid range prices.

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