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    If the wife dislikes the fairly brisk recoil of the P3AT, consider the P32. Not as powerful, obviously, but it's a relative popgun in terms of recoil. I carried one before the P3AT came out and liked it a great deal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PhilR. View Post
    You should really let her shoot yours before you buy another one. It wouldn't surprise me if she ends up disliking the recoil. Even though the caliber isn't powerful, you do get a bit of a thump because the pistol is so light. My wife handles all of our 9mm's, and even shoots the .357 on occasion. She does not like to shoot my P3AT.

    You bring up a great point and it is definitely worth thinking about. If anyone finds themselves in a position that they have to shoot, does it really matter if they "like" shooting what they are carrying. I think that I will not shoot what I don't like shooting as well as I shoot what I do like shooting. I may like shooting my XD45 better than the P3AT but I can't conceal it as well. But if I have to shoot it, I'm going to whether I like shooting it or not. I'm learning that each gun is going to have its tradeoffs.

    However, I think I or anyone had better be able to shoot what they are carrying well enough for it to be viable in self-defense. Otherwise, it becomes a danger to themselves and possibly others. So if we don't like shooting what we are carrying are we going to suck it up and practice shooting it enough anyway so that it does become viable in SD?

    I just have to be cognizant of what I'm sacrificing when I carry what I carry and so will she.

    Again, good point.

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    I don't "enjoy" shooting my P-3AT at all...

    That said, I sure as he__ don't shoot it for enjoyment.

    Can I shoot it well? Yes, very well. It's tiny. It has rough edges. It jumps around in your grip. It barks fire. It blasts fire from the ejection port. It only holds 6 rounds. It's a d@mn Sh__y range gun...

    But at arms-length to 20 ft, in a pinch... It's damn perfect.

    XD45 4" = Fantastic shooting range gun (GREAT SD gun with the right clothes, or on the night stand)

    P-3AT = Crappy range gun... (Great SD gun for your right front pocket in shorts, flip-flops, and a tank-top on a sunny Sunday... like today.)


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    Quote Originally Posted by HardLivin View Post
    So if we don't like shooting what we are carrying are we going to suck it up and practice shooting it enough anyway so that it does become viable in SD?
    Yes, but only to an extent for some. My wife doesn't like shooting her 642 either, but she does shoot it because it is her ccw. If all we had was a P3AT to shoot, she wouldn't.

    I, on the other hand, will have fun shooting just about anything that won't give me a hernia when I lift it.....


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