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  • SAO (1911-style)

    49 27.84%
  • Traditional DA (DA/SA)

    75 42.61%
  • Safe-Action (Glock, M&P)

    21 11.93%
  • DAO (Sig, some Rugers)

    9 5.11%
  • Other (elaborate)

    5 2.84%
  • Don't care; if it fires I'm happy

    17 9.66%
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    DA/SA....why limit yourself when the situation may not allow you to pre-cock the hammer or whatever. No safeties to fumble with or forget about under duress or other "proceedures" for me. I carry one of my SiG's. It's designed in such a way that the only way to get the firing pin to engage the primer, you have to cycle the trigger. Works for me and I've been fine with this design for over 18 years. BTW, yes, I keep one chambered at all times.

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    Had to choose "other" as I'm a borderline DAK fanboy. Didn't think it quite fit under DAO.

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    The action would depend on the type of firearm I am using and purpose. The only requirement I have is smooth, crisp and not a lot of take up.

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    DA/SA with a decocking lever. As versatile as I could want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dredd View Post
    I like DA/SA because it offers the widest variety of carry options. DA with safety off, SA with safety on, DA with safety on.
    Took the words right out of my mouth

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    My current favorite is the "Safe Action" trigger in my M&P PRO, being reworked as we speak by the M&P Demi-God, Dan Burwell. I fondled HIS personal M&P9L this morning, before handing over my baby...

    OH... MY... GOD.... Like no other non-1911 trigger I ever felt. Better than my Soringfield Armory Custom-Shop trigger. Better than the trigger in my Ruger M-77 .308!

    I'll have a range report when she gets home, but if it's half as good as his personal gun??? I thought the factory PRO Series Trigger was good (it's now residing in my M&P9C... ). The factory sear block from my 9c is on its way back to PA inside my PRO-Series frame, to get the full treatment... 3.5lbs, reduced reset, reduced overtravel, LENGTHENED reach, full polish job, sear reshape... All of it.

    Looking forward to getting it back, and taking it out for a high-speed run-through...


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    For carry I like my Sigs DA/SA with a round chambered and decocked. I practice DA first shot alot. I'm becoming good at it and feel very comfortable using it this way.

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    A month ago I would have had a hard time choosing between DA/SA and SAO. Now that I have my Sig I find that while the SA mode is not as sweet as my Les Baer, the versatility more than makes up for the difference.

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    SAO is the most accurate,easiest and safest for me personally,I've tried most and always go back to the SOA, carry cocked and locked never scared me and I always felt very safe that way!

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    I like my XD9SC best, but I like the features of my Taurus pt111 mil-pro. It's a SA/DA trigger with a manual saftey. It always fires SA unless a FTF or a light strike. Then it converts to DA. Just seems like a neet feature. A lot of people don't like Taurus, but this gun has had 1500 rounds fired through it and only 1 FTF. And that was just a bad round.

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