Melted guns.
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Thread: Melted guns.

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    Melted guns.

    I bought a Cannon Patriot safe that has 30 minutes of fire protection. It got me thinking, how hot does it need to be to melt a composite gun? I've heard of handloads exploding in the chamber and cracking HK frames in half. Does any one have any horror stories about their composite pistols? Has anyone survived a fire to realize that their Glock is a blob of plastic? Please share.

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    I don't know the type of plastic they use, or I could find out. Ballparking it from other figures I found, the melting point is probably in the 300s or 400s Fahrenheit. That is well within the range of a house fire.

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    The torture test team on guns and ammo tv put a glock on a bbq grill and made some nice grill marks melted into the gun. It still worked though.

    Housefires that flashover are typically 1400-1500 degrees depending on what is inside. If it gets to that point, I wouldn't worry about the guns at all.

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    During the Cedar Fire here in San Diego a few years ago, my girl's dad lost 3 polyframes. It was unreal. He kept his guns in a case in his study. After the fire, the only thing left was a barrel from a Barret.

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