Any suggestions?
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    Any suggestions?

    I've been part of this forum for a while and found it to be a good outlet and informative. I like the set up and the people here are pretty cool. I love handguns and shotguns but I just bought my first rifle. A sniper rifle, to be exact. It's a Steyr SSG 04 with a Leupold Mark 4 scope, she is large and in charge. I have an M44, but this is a whole other class. My question, is there a forum similar to ours for rifles? Most of the ones I've looked into are full of elitists. It seems like they don't have time for newbies or it's filled with serious snipers. Any suggestions?

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    I don't know anything about it, or you may have already checked it out, but it's linked to off of this forum.


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    Quote Originally Posted by BeefyBeefo View Post
    Looks like the exact same site as this, except for long guns

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    Yup... same people

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    I've not actually looked for the type of forum you request, but I'm only posting to make a suggestion. Rather than searching for forums dedicated to "sniping" rifles, you might see if there are forums dedicated to precision shooting, such as benchrest or Palma Match etc....


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