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    Gift Purchase

    My wife said she'd like to buy me a gun. I went shopping around and really found that I liked the Taurus PT111 9mm. Bud's has it for the lowest price I have seen ($308 delivered) while Gander and local shop were asking $50-$70 more. She wants to order the gun at Bud's, but doesn't want to go through all the paperwork. I said that I think she'd have to if she's actually paying for it and then give the gun to me (I am not prohibited from purchasing a firearms so it wouldn't be a straw purchase).

    Or am I wrong? Can she order it on her account for me, with just me trekking over to the FFL and doing everything?

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    She can order it for you, but will your FFL allow *you* to do the paperwork? If they know you and her, they probably would. If you are a complete stranger, the likelyhood of them letting someone else pick up the pistol is very low.

    For a Gander Mtn, those prices are somewhat low. I've seen some pistols at GM over $150 more than the local gunshop, and that is on a pistol that only costs $499 to begin with.....


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    The FFL rules may be different in your state. The best thing to do is talk to the FFL receiving the gun in advance and ask them. I would think perhaps your wife could maybe buy the gun from Bud's in your name. In other words, the order is in your name, it's just her credit card or whatever paying for it.

    BTWE, your lady sounds like a keeper.

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