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    what is your preference

    im wondering, what is your preference shooting your firarms. indoor or outdoor ranges. i have been to both, and to tell you the truth, i like the outside range better. indoor range, you can shoot without interuptions of a cease fire to let new shooter to set up their targets. but the outside range, you have much more room, casings arent hittin you in the face, cause of the walls on each side of you, and outside is more old school.

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    I haven't shot at an outdoor range in a long time, but I want to once we move. I don't care how good of a system is in place, you can't beat the ventilation of an outdoor range and I think it's easier on the ears since the sound isn't bouncing off of walls. Plus I'd like to try something longer than 100 meters for my AR.

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    In door ranges are great for all year round practice,No wind,and they are a bit more private.(yeah,hot casings in the face is no fun)

    Out door ranges seem to have a more social atmosphere,fresh air and less noise.Not to mention longer target distances.

    I have to say my most favorite time and place to shoot is outside on a nice,sunny winters day.Just after a heavy snowfall.The snow all around acts as a natual sound dampener to where you can almost get away without using ear protection.

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    Outdoor because all I have to do is walk out my front door to shoot.

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    Definetly outdoor for me. More open, more social, and alot less wondering if that last casing is going to land somewhere in my pocket once it hits those pesky walls.
    The only downfall to outdoors in my area is the ground is nothing but that red-orange clay that is common to the south. BLEGH!

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    Indoor since I'm a member, I shoot for free and that's where I shoot more of.

    Outdoor is more of a special treat when there's a special event, i.e. Range Day with my buddies.

    The indoor range is only 10 minutes away, whereas the outdoor range is almost 30 minutes.

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    Outdoors for me. I've only shot indoors a few times in my life, didn't care for it too much.

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    I've never shot outdoors. They seem more restrictive to me about how you shoot. Especially when you have someone that is tapping you on the shoulder when your hour is up, hate that. I can see if you're busy, but when you have 5 lanes open it's not a big deal is it? Maybe it's just the range I was at. I always enjoy myself shooting indoors, it could just be the type of people you get at that particular location. However, living in FL almost requires an indoor range. Rain ruins the day.

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    I enjoy shooting outdoors, but,

    Its easier to find your brass in the indoor range. Besides, the indoor range guys let me raid their brass buckets.

    Never argue with drunks or crazy people.

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    I shoot outdoors, but not on an established range most of the time, just out in the open desert. In Arizona, I can shoot outside year-round.
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    I have never had an opportunity to shoot at an indoor range, but when it's 30 below and i want to shoot it I think it would be nice

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    outdoors is nice....go to this rock quarry with my buddies a lot...rain or shine...even in the snow only problem is it's a bit of a 2.5 i'm a member at a local indoor range, only complaints are, ventilation, casings in the face, and not knowing who the people next to me are....i've had some situations of poor muzzle control, negligent discharges, etc....i even had one girl aiming her boyfriend's gun at my booth with the trigger on a glock 22 depressed, and continuing to pull the trigger trying to make it fire...turns out her trigger spring was broken and after the first round fired downrange the trigger hadn't reset...THANK GOD

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